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Portraits from Jake’s Naming Day

Big Mia from Jake's Naming Day

IMG_9131 - Version 2

IMG_9000 - Version 2

IMG_9000 - Version 2

IMG_9055 - Version 2

IMG_9092 - Version 2

IMG_9079 - Version 2


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A Day at the Races

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to York races with my best friend to celebrate his upcoming marriage to the wonderful Miss Frank. Now it is not normal that a camera attends stag parties due to the potential for life changing, marriage wrecking incriminating evidence that might be captured by that little CMOS sensor! However, fortunately I decided to leave my camera at home once the races had finished so there was no chance of this catastrophic event happening 😉

The Saturday races are one of the biggest in the calendar for York racecourse with the big race, both in prize money and runners, being the 4.15pm Ebor. With it being a stag party we decided to all put a £5 in to the pot and to let the Stag choose a horse. To cut a long story short if it had come in we would have had a tidy £1.2K to share between 15 of us, however, it didn’t win and we walked away empty handed! In fact the result on this race pretty much summed up how my day at the races went from a gambling point of view – lots of bets+duff horses = no wins! Always next year…

As I mentioned in a previous post I have been using Snapseed for editing some of my photos. The picture above was edited using this software but the same effect could easily be achieved using other photo-processing software. Basically, the colour was washed out, a blue tint and quite a strong vignette added. For an extra effect I tweaked the highlights and brightness of his eyes to make them stand out more. I like the end result giving an edgy, cool but hard look to the man – kinda like the man who would come round and collect the money, if you know what I mean!!

When major fail, if you can call it that, was when I left my camera in the trust hands of one of my friends whilst I went to spend a penny! When reviewing the images at the end of the day there appeared to be quite a few of the ladies who were sat in front of us for most of the day. In fact, there were so many photos taken in such a short space of time (my fault for leaving the camera on high-speed shutter) that I could have stitched them together to make a little gif of the girl in purple walking from right to left, but I can’t be bothered…

Have a look at the rest of the set on flickr


The Picture Perfect Wedding of a Wonderful Couple

The week leading up to the wedding was blotted by torrential downpours and gale force winds. Fortunately, just when all the preparations for the big day were reaching a crescendo, the clouds parted and for the rest of the weekend the sun shone brightly. Following a brief, but intimate ceremony at Dorchester Town Hall, the happy couple (eventually!) and their guests made their way back to Symondsbury Manor in Symondsbury for a most wonderful reception full of cocktails, a bake off, and guest DJ appearances! The bride even managed to get a few mixes in before she hit the dance floor. I think I can safely speak for everyone that attended that this wedding was everything that was expected plus more!

I hope you enjoy looking at the photos and reminiscing about that wonderful day in May 2012.

Once the photos have been ‘approved’ you can view the full set in my flickr album. Additionally, the following links include images of the wedding:

A separate post that features photos from the day.
Carla Kirste – Carol’s dressmaker

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The Wedding!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, I recently went to my sister-in-laws wedding and was trusted with the (small) job of doing the photography. Whilst this didn’t overly worry me at the time, or on the day, when I got home I was anxious about the photos, and if I managed to get that ‘perfect’ shot. To cut a long story short I managed to get many great shots – in my humble opinion(!), and as a result Carol’s dressmaker, Carla Kirste, would like to use one of my pictures on her website.

Below are a select few photos which primarily focus on the lovely couple but also highlight Carla’s dressmaking skills! If you are interested in getting a dress made for that special occasion you should check out her website and blog. If you want to see more photos from this stunning wedding then check out my flickr site. At present there aren’t many available but in time more will be uploaded.

Carla Kirste Dressmaking and Alterations
Carla Loves…