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These are just a selection from the many hundreds that I took during my recent trip to Philadelphia. You can see more on my flickr website
















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Chicago – Part 1

In November 2011 Lou and I took our first trip to Chicago. It was only a brief stay, 4 days in total before we flew onto New York and Philly. The flight from Manchester was supposed to be direct, but due to apparent strong jet-stream winds meant that before we had even left the ground we were told we would be diverting to JFK for refuelling. Unfortunately this meant that we were going to be a number of hours late arriving into Chicago.

However, the diversion to JFK didn’t pass without event as clearly the communication between the airline/cockpit and ground staff wasn’t up to scratch as they proceeded to start unloading our baggage. A few bangs on the window by some startled travellers and a shout from the cabin crew fortunately meant that by the time we did arrive in Chicago, at least we had our luggage!

I’ve decided to split the photos into two batches and this first set covers our departure from Manchester and first day or so in Chicago. The main set of photos can be found on my Flickr site.

USA November 2011

USA November 2011

USA November 2011

Chicago 2011

USA November 2011

USA November 2011

USA November 2011

Chicago 2011

USA November 2011

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Top of the Rock

One of my favorite places to visit in New York City is the Rockefeller Centre. It never seems to be as busy or manic as the Empire State Building and the fact you get views of the ESB and Central Park win me over every time. The shots from this visit were taken at completely the wrong time – midday – and the light was harsh. This coupled with the haze and smog didn’t make for great pictures, but after some jiggery pokery in Aperture, a few of them have turned out OK!

Standing tall