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First attempt at time lapse photography

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I’ve seen many videos on the web that showcase the brilliance of time lapse photography. Whilst on a recent trip to NYC I picked up the Vello Shutterboss Intervalometer from B&H.  For my first test I set up the camera in the back garden as the sun was beginning to set. I set the Shutterboss to take a shot every 30 seconds, whilst the camera was set to a fixed aperture (f/16) and allowed to work out the most appropriate shutter speed.

As you will see, this worked out OK, although following lots of reading late last night I now realize that I need to spend a bit more time in working out shutter speed, white balance etc in order to get the result I am looking for.  When I get a chance I’ll post some links to a few blogs I found helpful.

Until then, I am now thinking about what my next subject will be and how best to set up to maximize the output.


One thought on “First attempt at time lapse photography

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