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Winter on Merseyside

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Winter Storm
Sefton Park

A couple of shots taken a few years ago shows the contrast between two British winters. Since we moved back from New York in 2006, the British winters have been getting gradually worse year by year. For the last few years we have had freezing temperatures and snow by the start of December, which then typically lasts until February/March. Many of you might ask what the problem with this might be? Well, the problem is that even after being caught out the year before, the UK, whether it be local or central Government, have a distinct inability to plan a head for this kind of event, which ultimately results in the whole country grinding to a halt! However, things are getting better and throughout the year during my daily commute I have seen a rock salt pile gradually getting bigger in anticipation of brutal weather in 2011/2012.  The funny thing about this is that so far the temperatures in the UK have been unseasonably warm!

However, that being said, our winters fade dramatically in comparison to those we experienced during our time in NY. Check out these shots taken the morning after a brutal Nor’easter slammed through NYC dumping close to 20″ of snow!

A heavily pregnant Louise attempting to wade through a foot or so of snow!

Tenbroeck Avenue, Bronx, NY

The photographs above were taken in the Morris Park area of the Bronx, NY.


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