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Something strange about vaccines

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The first website I used to host photos was Pbase.com. I set up this site at a time that Lou and I lived in New York primarily as a way to show family and friends where we had been and what we had been up to. As I got more serious about my photography I started to use Flickr as I found the web experience better. Lou continued to upload photos to Pbase, primarily pictures of our son, Ben. After one of his vaccinations, the so called dreaded MMR triple vaccine, he developed the what we now know is the typical adverse reaction consisting of a rash. Now he wasn’t overly bothered by this and continued his cheeky crazy behaviour (as you can see below!), whilst his parents on the other hand stressed about whether or not it was going to get worse! We took a picture of the rash and posted it to Pbase and thought nothing more of it.

MMR Rash

As I wasn’t using Pbase regularly I was unaware of a number of comments/messages from other parents who were frantically searching the web to find out what this rash was that their child had developed after having the MMR vaccine. We were pleased to help put their minds at rest that it was quite normal although we couldn’t work out why Ben’s picture was getting so many hits. A quick google image search using the search terms “MMR rash” shed some light on this…Ben’s picture being the number one return! To this day out of all of the thousands of pictures I have on Flickr and Pbase, Ben’s picture is still the one that gets the most number of daily hits!!


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