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Wild, Wild Wales!


Bwlch Y Groes

Today I went on a bike ride with my cycling buddy and friend, Ash. We went to an area of North Wales that we haven’t yet explored with the aim of tackling one of the UK’s fiercest climbs- The aptly nicknamed Hellfire Pass (Bwlch Y Groes). Despite the temperature hovering around freezing for the majority of the ride it dampen our spirits as we were blessed with clear blue skies and lots of sun. This was my first proper ride for around 3 months and although I managed it (just!), I am now feeling the effects and don’t really have the energy to write anything. I’ll update soon but until then checkout the pictures in the gallery and if you’re really interested have a look at the data generated by my bike GPS computer.



4 thoughts on “Wild, Wild Wales!

  1. great photo,s

  2. Brrr! Was it not a bit chilly? Looks icy in one if those shots!

    • It was pretty chilly for most of the ride especially around the lake where the mist was helping to keep the temp down! My garmin registered -2 as the lowest and not much more for the avg temp. There was quite a bit of ice but mainly on parts of the road that hadn’t seen the sun- the picture of ice covering the road was close to the end and despite going very slowly, I still ended going down it sideways!!

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