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It’s Great and it’s Central!


It has to be said that Grand Central Terminal in NYC is one of the most impressive stations I have ever been inside. In fact many of the stations that I have visited in the USA are grand old buildings including Union Station in Washington D.C., and 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. If the rest of the mainline stations are like this across the USA, then I might have to try and travel by railroad more frequently.


2 thoughts on “It’s Great and it’s Central!

  1. Thanks for sharing – Great pics. I’m partial to Grand Central; Union Station in DC is a little too “malled up” but it’s still cool. I live in New York and I consider myself lucky that the first time I came here was by train into GC. My first view of the city was from within the great concourse (as opposed to one of the crappy airports).

  2. Thanks! We used to live in New Rochelle and I was particularly fond of traveling into the city by MTA, as I was always hoping that the front seat (next to the drivers cab) was empty so that I could see the impressive skyline appearing and then disappearing as we entered the long tunnel into GCT.

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