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The Young Photographer!

Following the purchase of my new Canon body I decided that it would be fun and interesting to let Ben use my very old Canon Digital Rebel – my very first dSLR. Given we were off out on a family outing I thought it would be interesting to see what images he got compared to me. Needless to say he took twice as many as me and mainly of things I never thought to photograph! In fact I would have to say that given he likes to rush around so much I was really quite impressed with some of the photos he took. When I get a chance I will put together a few and post them. Until then, I thought I would post some shots of Ben in action! He looks comfortable and natural and if he continues to be interested, I reckon he would make a great full-time photographer. Although, considering he is only 6, he has quite a lot of time to think about his future career!!!

One shot, posted at the bottom, I thought was particularly good. He was lucky enough to bring home Beat Baby from school and so wanted to take lots of shots with her in it. The one he took as we were waiting for lunch is brilliant, even more so because at the same time he was taking it, I was taking a photo of him. The combined images are like a, what was the photographer taking a picture of, and what the photographer actually saw…

Trainspotter or photographer?

Off on a solo mission
What the photographer



A day at the seaside…Welsh Style!

Today the Johnson family went on a little road trip to the West Wales coast and visited a small village called Barmouth. There are a number of reasons why we decided to go, but one of them is that I am now the proud owner of a Canon 7D and felt it necessary to get out and put it through its paces, secondly, we’ve never been to Barmouth and finally, Ben has been obsessed with going to Wales for the last few weeks. The last point is quite interesting because we only live about 20 minutes from the Welsh border and although I’ve been cycling in Wales many times I don’t think Ben has ever been – from what he can recall! The reason for Ben being so obsessed with Wales recently is down to his teacher. She hails from the Land of the Dragon and has been telling the class all about Wales and even brought in Welsh cakes to celebrate St. Davids day (the Patron Saint of Wales for those of you who didn’t know!). Oh, and the other reason Ben wanted to go was because he thought that Wales was the only place you could get Welsh cakes and since he liked them so much, he just had to go and get some.

Barmouth is a small fishing village on the West Coast of Wales situated in the county of Gwynedd. Whilst watching the BBC program Coast one evening they ventured north up this stretch of coastline and I was taken by the beauty of it and thought, I want to go there and take pictures. I was particularly impressed with the bridge that stretched across the estuary providing what would be a vitally important transport link back in the day. I wanted to go here because the thoughts in my head were telling me I would come home with some stunning sunset images of the bridge and village. Needless to say the day we went it was cloudy and dull, although the conditions did not totally ruin everything. We had a great day out and will definitely be going back once the weather picks up…

There is a second part to this post which I will upload very soon…The Young Photographer!

Barmouth rail bridge

Curving away

Barmouth Rail Bridge

Marooned 2

Room with a view

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

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I posted this image earlier this year but I’ve since gone back and tweaked it a little. I think I prefer this version which seems to bring out the lens flare more. The original image is below so you can compare.

All three images were taken during a trip to Fort William to celebrate Hogmany (New Years Eve!). This winter was unique in that we didn’t get much snow but the temperature barely climbed above 0 for about 3-4 weeks which resulted in an extremely deep frost. This made for some interesting landscape shots as it gave the impression there was actually snow on the ground.