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I posted this image earlier this year but I’ve since gone back and tweaked it a little. I think I prefer this version which seems to bring out the lens flare more. The original image is below so you can compare.

All three images were taken during a trip to Fort William to celebrate Hogmany (New Years Eve!). This winter was unique in that we didn’t get much snow but the temperature barely climbed above 0 for about 3-4 weeks which resulted in an extremely deep frost. This made for some interesting landscape shots as it gave the impression there was actually snow on the ground.


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Super Wide

As promised, here is a collection of shots taken with the Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 super wide angle lens. This lens has been designed solely for use on dSLR bodies that use the APS-C size sensor and so the viewing angle is exactly what it says on the tin- 10-22mm! Before I bought this lens I had never used a super wide angle and it took a while for me to get used to the distortion such a wide lens produces, especially at the sides of the frame. I’ve managed to produce shots where people appear to have morphed into elves with nice, large, pointy ears!

Where the lens works best is for landscape shots, especially shots that have clouds in the sky. The result is a photo that feels expansive and has atmosphere- coupled with front to back sharpness (if set up correctly!). I’ve only posted a few shots here but feel free to view my set on flickr that contains many more shots taken with this lens.

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A Day at the Beach

These photos were taken on Saltburn beach one late summer evening. As I was processing the raw files I was amazed at how dirty either the lens or the sensor were at the time of taking. One thing that Aperture does particularly well is ‘cleaning’ up photos of spots, dirt, people(!), or whatever maybe in the picture that you want removed.

In fact, I reckon that if I’d left the dots/spots in, I could have joined them together and made a picture which probably would have turned out as a lion or elephant just like the in the join the dots books you had as a child!

You’ll be pleased to know that since the photos were taken I have mastered the art of cleaning a sensor on a dSLR, although it is not a job I particularly like doing; I am always worried I’ll break the camera!!!