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Devon through the lens of an iPhone and Instagram


Part 1 of 2. I’ve just come back from a fantastic family holiday in Devon. As per usual I took lots of snaps on my ‘proper’ camera (Canon 7D) but also lots using my iPhone and Instagram. The quality of the images with the iPhone 4S are really good and with the nice effects that can be achieved using Instagram some fantastic shots can be made. Below are photos taken by myself and given the Instagram effect. The next part will be ‘Devon through the lens of a Canon 7D’, and I will be interested to see which posts ends up with the most hits! Additionally, if my wife lets me I might even add a third part to the set and upload her photos taken with her iPhone and Instagram.


5 thoughts on “Devon through the lens of an iPhone and Instagram

  1. REALLY like the first photo and the cathedral looking one. Hope you enjoyed your break down in our devon depths!

    • Thanks! I’m sure you already know but the Cathedral was Exeter. I visited Exeter in April for work and stayed in the Abode Hotel across from the Cathedral but unfortunately I forgot to bring a camera! The light inside the Cathedral was amazing and I have some shots on my SLR that really show the lights beautifully. When I get around to processing the raws I’ll post them here for you to see.

      We certainly did enjoy our Devon holiday and we are already suffering from post holiday blues!

      • I’ve actually only ever been outside Exeter Cathedral, but I obviously now have to go in at some point! Looking forward to seeing the next set 🙂

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