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Millenium Park, Chicago


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The Cunning Cape (Cod)

As promised, here is a selection of shots taken during our weeks stay on the Cape! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great for our stay and the temperature only really got up towards the end of the week. Despite this we managed to get to lots of places including a clam bake boat excursion! Overall, I was impressed with Cape Cod but had the weather been that little bit better then it would have been even more enjoyable.


It’s Great and it’s Central!

It has to be said that Grand Central Terminal in NYC is one of the most impressive stations I have ever been inside. In fact many of the stations that I have visited in the USA are grand old buildings including Union Station in Washington D.C., and 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. If the rest of the mainline stations are like this across the USA, then I might have to try and travel by railroad more frequently.

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Brilliant Boston

Last summer the Johnson family took a trip over to the USA. The primary reason for going was that Lou had a work conference to attend in the beautiful Cape Cod town of Chatham. This meant that we could all go and enjoy a little bit of luxury for a few days. We flew from Manchester to Dublin and then on to Boston. One major advantage of going through Dublin, despite the extremely early start, was that you are cleared through USA immigration and customs this side of the Atlantic. This means that on arriving into Boston all we had to do was gather the troops and go off in search of our luggage- unlike at JKF (which is where we usually fly to), where we tend to have to wait for ages!

We stayed in a nice hotel on the Cambridge side of the river that was within walking distance of all major attractions. Unfortunately the weather for our time in Boston wasn’t great, mainly cloudy with some rain, but this didn’t dampen our spirits. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves (as one pic shows!) but I think they were secretly looking forward to getting to Cape Cod so that they could enjoy the sunshine and the pool at the beach resort.

These photos will form the first in the series of snaps taken during our summer vacation. The 2nd and 3rd sets coming from Cape Cod and NY, NY! Enjoy…

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Flying High

In November, Louise and I took a trip to Chicago and NYC. Before we had even left Manchester we were told that due to a particularly strong jet stream we would be diverting to JFK (NY) to refuel. Whilst this wasn’t a major issue, it did mean that by the time we landed at JFK, got refueled, and airborne again, we were going to be arriving into Chicago a few hours later than scheduled. However, since we did not have kids in tow on this trip we didn’t need to stress about how we would entertain them for the extra few hours! The plane we were on, crappy as it was, had amazingly clean windows which meant that I could get some good shots during the flight. The shots posted are a mixture taken not long after leaving Manchester Airport, and arrival and take-off from JFK. I particularly like the one that gives the full view of Long Island.

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