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Drinking in the New Year!

A (very) short pictorial guide to my New Years Eve celebrations!

The evening started quite early by having to go out and search for fresh mint (to go in the mojitos). Unfortunately the local store was all out and so it seemed only right that a few pints be supped in the local pub before heading home. However, after a few beverages and downloading of a cocktail app, it was decided that we really didn’t have enough booze already and off to Asda it was to get more! The total haul was quite impressive – especially since the only people who were going to drink it was Lou and myself! See for yourself…

Impressive haul

Finally home from the supermarket it was time to get started on the serious business of NYE drinking…The evening started with a few of these…

Bottle in front of Christmas Tree

Bottle in front of Christmas Tree

But then swiftly changed to bubbly and cocktails. Lou’s list of drinks she wanted to make was mightily impressive and I wasn’t sure that it was going to be possible to try them all but I was going to give it a damn good try. By the end of the evening we had supped many cocktails and were content with the fact that we had consumed at least one shot of each from the bottles in the above photo. I awoke this morning without a hangover – which is strange?!! This could always come back to haunt me later…

Happy New Year and hope that 2013 brings you everything that you have wished for. Enjoy!

New Year drinks in front of Christmas tree

New Year drinks in front of Christmas tree

New Year drinks in front of Christmas tree

New Year drinks in front of Christmas tree


Playing with a 50mm!


Quite a number of years a go I bought the cheap Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens for my Canon Digital Rebel (my first dSLR). I barely used it at first mainly because if I wasn’t paying attention and the ISO was set to 100, the camera would automatically open up the lens. This would often result in photos that were out of focus or the focus point was not on the subject. Recently, I have found that having such a fast lens is fantastic for taking pictures of the children, particularly where I don’t want to use flash. However, recently I have decided to use my flash more and so I am now using 2 pieces of kit that were bought and forgotten about.

I don’t really have an eye for the shallow depth of field photography, or Bokeh style, so I am having to readjust my eye to looking around my surroundings more. I couple of photos taken yesterday are posted below where I thought the narrow depth of field would work- what do you think?

Another reason for digging out my 50mm lens and the flash is that my sister-in-law is getting married in May and they have asked me to take some of their wedding photographs as they aren’t having a professional photographer- so they get me instead! Naturally this has resulted in lots of google searches for the best lenses to use at weddings, flash techniques and so on, and so on. One idea I have (which I haven’t discussed with the happy couple), is to set the camera up on a tripod and to make a time-lapse movie of the wedding and subsequent wedding breakfast. I’m sure they will be happy for me to post some pictures post scrutiny!

On a totally separate note, I have been listening to the new album by Lana Del Rey constantly for the last few days. If you haven’t heard it I would definitely recommend buying it or finding most of the tracks on YouTube! Try this for size…