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Scotland in the Autumn

Normally during half-term holiday we end up working or splitting our days off to look after the kids. This time we decided, back in August(!), to go away to Scotland and to enjoy a proper half-term holiday away from the normality of home. As it is with looking and booking holiday homes on-line there is always a little trepidation when you finally arrive at the front door, fingers crossed, that it lives up to the expectation that the pictures generated. Fortunately, the place we booked turned out to be amazing and a million times better than the pictures suggested. Whilst it was relatively close to a busy main road this was more than compensated for by having a river at the bottom of the garden and a view out across the beginning of the Grampian Mountains. The cottage was on the opposite side of the river to the closest town, but fortunately also at the bottom of the garden was a bridge. How handy!

Joining us for the first 4 days was Mr & Mrs Cakes who were also looking forward to chilling out and forgetting about the daily grind. In fact, the visitors didn’t stop there as one of Mr & Mrs Cakes good friends, a certain lead singer from the group Ladytron and her hubby also came up for a day – although to be fair they didn’t have as long a journey as they now live back north of the border. Us men went for a short bike ride on the Sunday following the Etape Caledonia route, meeting the rest of the gang in a lovely country hotel for what turned out to be a rather late lunch.

Following what turned out to be quite a hectic weekend, we spent the rest of the week enjoying the fantastic Scottish sun and blue sky, and visited a number of woodland walks and spectacular waterfalls in and around Pitlochry. The autumn colours were absolutely stunning and reminded me of my travels around New England each fall when I lived in New York. In fact, I would go as far to say that this Scottish autumn did enough
to rival the New England fall!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures and maybe if you haven’t been to Scotland in the autumn/fall they might inspire you to book a trip in the future. These pictures are only a select few, if you would like to see the rest of the set click the following link.

Slowing it down

A rather cool reflection

Red leaves

The Queens View

The Bridge over the lower Falls of Bruar

Higher Falls of Bruar

Instagram look-a-like by Aperture

Black Spout Falls

Possessed by pudding!

A silly cheesy smile


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Road to No Where

During the summer of 2005 Lou and I had this fantastic trip planned that included New Orleans and exploring the Deep South. Before we even got to the part of booking flights and hotels we found out Lou was pregnant with our first child! Although we decided not to go on our Deep South trip, we planned a road trip to Shenandoah National Park staying at various campsites along the way. On the face of it this sounded like a good idea, but unfortunately we forgot about the intense humidity which made the tent into a personal mobile sauna!

Despite the mileage we covered, starting in NYC and going as far south as Tennessee and Kentucky, it was one of the most relaxing holidays we have been on. The only downside was the everyday occurrence of loading and unloading the car. However, to make up for it we often went to bed early, followed by a lazy morning enjoying the peace and tranquility of being in the great outdoors.

If you haven’t had the chance to visit Shenandoah NP and the surrounding area then I would definitely recommend a visit. I imagine it is a magical place in the autumn when the bright, bold hues of red orange and purple leaves transform the landscape into a striking colour splash!

Road to No Where

Round the Bend