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The Big Egg Hunt – Liverpool

Today myself and the family went off on The Big Egg Hunt, organised by Lindt Chocolatier. Basically, there were hidden 101 and painted eggs around the city which we had to find. Unfortunately we didn’t find them all but I think the final count was around 60. Not bad, even if I do say so myself!

The children enjoyed it and they were frantically running a head to check the shop windows and peeping around corners in a valiant effort to spot the next egg.

Unfortunately I think I’ve made the mistake before of posting directly via Flickr – it just doesn’t work and puts all the pictures in the set into small thumbnails! I’ve posted a few below to give you a taster and hopefully you will want to see more and click on the small thumbnails below which will take you to my flickr site.

A Squash and a Squeeze


IMG_2542 - Version 2

Egg stands still

Peppa leads the wayRadio City 96.7Blue Coat Liver BirdSo CloseThe Easter Bunny? - Version 2What's Ben eating?
IMG_2542 - Version 2Ben and Iggy - Version 2Best FriendsA Squash and a SqueezeReflecting upon Liverpool OneIMG_2554 - Version 2
RockeggMuseum of life6512 & 650725 to 12IMG_2569 - Version 2Ben 7 looking at Ben 10
Egg stands still

The Big Egg Hunt – Liverpool, a set on Flickr.



Liverpool One

A few photos taken during an early morning stroll around Liverpool One. There are loads of interesting things to photograph but I just wasn’t getting the feel for it on this day. I was hoping to catch more reflections of the shop signs in the puddles left by the rain but the dull overcast day seemed to mop up the slightest hint of a cool reflection in the water. I also had this idea of trying to catch the escalator floor pin sharp just as it dropped over the edge and down the slope but once I was there, camera in hand, it just didn’t look like what my mind had pictured earlier that day. Until next time, enjoy these photos…