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Moments in time – 2008

Going through my photos this evening I came across a set from outs honeymoon in 2008. We started in Japan, then Australia, and finally stopping off in China on the way home. It was a great holiday that seemed to be over far too quickly. Hopefully in the future we will get to go back to Australia but now that we have 2 children it’s going to be one expensive trip!!








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Hive Beach, Dorset

Last weekend, myself and the family took a trip down to Symondsbury, Dorset. The occasion was the marriage of my sister-in-law which was to be held in Symondsbury Manor on Saturday 12th May. The drive down was terrible with rain and wind for the whole journey. This coupled with the unseasonably low temperatures made us question whether or not we should have brought full winter attire. However, it would appear that the weather gods were being kind to us and from the Friday through to Sunday evening we were blessed with glorious sunshine and temperatures even topping the high teens (centigrade to any American readers!).

The day after the wedding we took a trip down to Hive Beach which is about a 15 minute drive from the village of Symondsbury. The beach is unusual in that there is little to no sand, only very smooth and small pebbles. I came to the conclusion that stones of this size we much more difficult to walk on than sand – finding this out as I took a stroll down the beach to check out the photo ops.

The children really enjoyed themselves, although Mia was uncertain about going for a paddle – despite Lou’s best efforts!

The pictures below were taken with a Canon 7D with a 70-200mm f/2.8 IS USM MkII lens. The lens was hired for the purpose of taking the wedding photos (some of which will be uploaded once the bride and groom have vetted them!) but was an ideal lens for photographing children playing; allowing me to get close ups without having to intrude on their personal space.

I’ve only included a few photos to showcase the set that is posted on Flickr.







A day at the seaside…Welsh Style!

Today the Johnson family went on a little road trip to the West Wales coast and visited a small village called Barmouth. There are a number of reasons why we decided to go, but one of them is that I am now the proud owner of a Canon 7D and felt it necessary to get out and put it through its paces, secondly, we’ve never been to Barmouth and finally, Ben has been obsessed with going to Wales for the last few weeks. The last point is quite interesting because we only live about 20 minutes from the Welsh border and although I’ve been cycling in Wales many times I don’t think Ben has ever been – from what he can recall! The reason for Ben being so obsessed with Wales recently is down to his teacher. She hails from the Land of the Dragon and has been telling the class all about Wales and even brought in Welsh cakes to celebrate St. Davids day (the Patron Saint of Wales for those of you who didn’t know!). Oh, and the other reason Ben wanted to go was because he thought that Wales was the only place you could get Welsh cakes and since he liked them so much, he just had to go and get some.

Barmouth is a small fishing village on the West Coast of Wales situated in the county of Gwynedd. Whilst watching the BBC program Coast one evening they ventured north up this stretch of coastline and I was taken by the beauty of it and thought, I want to go there and take pictures. I was particularly impressed with the bridge that stretched across the estuary providing what would be a vitally important transport link back in the day. I wanted to go here because the thoughts in my head were telling me I would come home with some stunning sunset images of the bridge and village. Needless to say the day we went it was cloudy and dull, although the conditions did not totally ruin everything. We had a great day out and will definitely be going back once the weather picks up…

There is a second part to this post which I will upload very soon…The Young Photographer!

Barmouth rail bridge

Curving away

Barmouth Rail Bridge

Marooned 2

Room with a view

Royal National Lifeboat Institution

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The Cunning Cape (Cod)

As promised, here is a selection of shots taken during our weeks stay on the Cape! Unfortunately the weather wasn’t great for our stay and the temperature only really got up towards the end of the week. Despite this we managed to get to lots of places including a clam bake boat excursion! Overall, I was impressed with Cape Cod but had the weather been that little bit better then it would have been even more enjoyable.