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There be a storm brewing

On Monday evening me and the missus decided that we would make use of the last night of freedom together before the cheeky monkeys come home from their summer holidays with the Grandparents. We booked to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, at a new cinema in New Brighton. On the drive over we came over the crest of a hill that presented us with fantastic views of the Bay of Liverpool and out towards the Irish Sea. What presented before us was a fantastic cloud formation of a storm gathering pace and intensity – appearing to hover over the wind farms out in the bay! Now unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me and as good a camera it is for a phone I was cursing that I hadn’t got my proper camera with me; so much so given that I nearly decided to bring it but didn’t feel comfortable leaving it in the car whilst we were in the cinema. Anyway, despite this shortcoming the iPhone coupled with Instagram has provided some pretty intense looking images of the impending storm.

Whilst we were enjoying the film little did I know that the storm I had nonchalantly photographed earlier was wreaking havoc over the northern part of the Wirral leaving roads flooded and rivers bursting their banks. Hopefully no long term lasting damage was caused.

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Museum of Liverpool


On my way home tonight the sun was just starting to disappear behind the Wirral skyline leaving a brilliant golden colour on the City of Liverpool. I did take some shots of the river Mersey and the Liver Buildings but unfortunately they didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped. I’ve posted them below nonetheless, but they aren’t the best examples of what I can do. However, in my defence I was using my iPhone 3GS to take the shots, and as with most smartphones, the camera starts to fall to pieces in low light!