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There be a storm brewing

On Monday evening me and the missus decided that we would make use of the last night of freedom together before the cheeky monkeys come home from their summer holidays with the Grandparents. We booked to see Batman: The Dark Knight Rises, at a new cinema in New Brighton. On the drive over we came over the crest of a hill that presented us with fantastic views of the Bay of Liverpool and out towards the Irish Sea. What presented before us was a fantastic cloud formation of a storm gathering pace and intensity – appearing to hover over the wind farms out in the bay! Now unfortunately I only had my iPhone with me and as good a camera it is for a phone I was cursing that I hadn’t got my proper camera with me; so much so given that I nearly decided to bring it but didn’t feel comfortable leaving it in the car whilst we were in the cinema. Anyway, despite this shortcoming the iPhone coupled with Instagram has provided some pretty intense looking images of the impending storm.

Whilst we were enjoying the film little did I know that the storm I had nonchalantly photographed earlier was wreaking havoc over the northern part of the Wirral leaving roads flooded and rivers bursting their banks. Hopefully no long term lasting damage was caused.


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Is spring finally here?

The last week or so has been particularly bad weather wise in the UK. We’ve gone from having warm(ish) days with endless sunshine to torrential rain and floods! Traditionally, well in my sense, this time of year has always been nice as it has coincided with the birth of my daughter – incidentally, she is 2 tomorrow! So given on Sunday we had torrential rain all day and night (see picture representing how miserable it was) the weather now seems to be picking up again. Today was glorious with clear blue skies and temperatures topping out at 17C. Despite the rain putting stop to any outdoor activities we had planned for the weekend one beneficiary has been the garden. It is now starting to look very green with flowers starting to bloom and lots of birds and insects around…is it to early to say Spring is finally here?

I have for one will be keeping my fingers crossed that this fine weather continues for at least another week or so as next Wednesday myself and the family are off down to Dorset for Carol Cakes wedding. We are all extremely excited, especially the children as they are getting dressed up in the glad rags and are part of the wedding party! The weekend is also going to be pretty exciting for me also as I am taking the pictures for what will be the new Mr and Mrs Cakes! One amazing thing to look forward to is the arrival of a lens ordered in just to shoot the wedding – the amazingly awesome Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 MkII IS USM!!!!!! AWESOMENESSS

In time I am sure you will see some pictures from the wedding. Until then here are a few shots that sum up the change in weather from Sunday until today…

Rainy Sunday

IMG_1467 - Version 2

Beginning to flower