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Splash Dash 2014

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It’s nearly been a year since I last posted anything to this website – where did all the time go?!

Anyway, here is a short but sweet update of some photos from the 2014 Clare House Splash Dash. This is an annual event that raises money for a children’s hospice. The basic premise of the day is that you run around the park and get paint thrown at you by volunteers!

before the storm Woo hoo Purple rain  Leap frog cool happy family we did ithand in hand



Snowman Tri – North Wales

At the weekend I had the pleasure of joining Mr & Mrs Cakes (she of Shoreditch Bakes fame!) for a weekend trip to North Wales. Apart from being a nice break from the norm, the main reason for the visit was for Mr & Mrs Cakes to tackle the Snowman Triathlon. Now I’m not an expert at triathlons so all I’m going to say is that the water looked mighty cold and the hill/mountain looked ominously steep. However, I am sure Mrs Cakes will do a full review of the event in time – so keep checking her site. *edit* here is the link to Mrs Cakes blog of the Snowman Tri

I was asked to take some piccies of the day – a kinda journal of the how the day panned out. Below are some collages of various images but if you want to see the full size images then head over to my flickr site.